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Sustainability 2015 is an integral component of our global business plan

Our Sustainability 2015 Strategy

Sustainability 2015 reflects the changing landscape for Kimberly-Clark and the communities we serve.

It builds on the success of our previous enterprise-wide sustainability programs, which began in 1994 and helped drive our environmental performance. Sustainability 2015 comprises broad-reaching social platforms, such as addressing the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, as well as more specific objectives, such as reducing our energy and water use. By integrating these elements into our company’s agenda and Global Business Plan, we are working to sustain healthy working environments and communities.

Sustainability 2015 is an integral component of our Global Business Plan. It weaves a sustainable business mindset and practice into everything we do, and it allows opportunities for employees, businesses and brands on a global basis to take an active role in achieving Kimberly-Clark’s vision of leading the world in essentials for a better life.

Sustainability 2015 is built around a framework of three pillars: People, Planet, Products. It integrates elements that seek to:

  • Sustain and build healthy working environments
  • Develop programs to address the United Nations Millennium Development Goals
  • Innovate products and business models to reach emerging consumers and customers
  • Focus our social programs on global issues and Kimberly-Clark communities
  • Implement programs to reduce our energy and water use, greenhouse gas emissions, water discharges and waste generation

Our Sustainability 2015 goals are clear and measurable. Some are a continuation of our Vision 2010 program, which addressed critical global environmental issues. Others—under our new People and Product pillars—are new objectives that reflect the evolution of our sustainability strategy. Many of these goals reflect an ongoing agenda for Kimberly-Clark, with milestones to judge our movement forward. For each, we have defined roadmaps to guide and measure our progress. We report on our 2011 progress against our Sustainability 2015 goals in this report, and we will continue to do so in future years.

2011 Progress Against Sustainability 2015 Goals

Specifics regarding our progress against each of these goals are discussed in detail within each section of this report and in the performance data summary where applicable.

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Workplace fatalities

While we had zero fatalities in both 2010 and 2011, unfortunately there was a recent death at a Kimberly-Clark de Mexico facility in 2012.

Fiber from certified suppliers

Nearly 100 percent of our fiber is sourced from third-party-certified suppliers such as the Forest Stewardship Council.

Net sales from environmentally innovative products

Approximately 13 percent of our net sales in 2011 came from environmentally innovative products.

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