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Our products make people's lives healthier, safer and more secure

Our Presence in Emerging Markets

One of the core business strategies of our Global Business Plan is to drive growth throughout Kimberly-Clark International with a particular focus on Latin America, Russia and China.

Growth for Kimberly-Clark International refers to growth of the business, growth of our brands, and growth of Kimberly-Clark's positive contribution to local and global communities.

In 2011, Kimberly-Clark International accounted for 36 percent of net sales for the company and worked to improve its management of global brands and innovation initiatives to leverage the benefits of the company's global scale. It also helped us move toward our Sustainability 2015 vision to meet needs in our emerging markets.

As we grow in emerging markets, the broader distribution of our products helps enable more people around the world to live better lives. Our goal is to provide products that make people's lives healthier, safer and more secure. For example, in India and Brazil, Huggies brand diapers help prevent infant rashes and infections that can result from a lack of clean diapers. With the introduction of the Kotex brand in the marketplace in Malaysia, young women can feel more secure every day, including in the middle of their menstrual cycles, and women at social occasions in Korea can feel more relaxed and confident because of the availability of our Poise brand.

Our focus moving forward is to increase our understanding of social and sustainability needs in emerging markets and provide our innovative products to meet those needs.

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Workplace fatalities

While we had zero fatalities in both 2010 and 2011, unfortunately there was a recent death at a Kimberly-Clark de Mexico facility in 2012.

Fiber from certified suppliers

Nearly 100 percent of our fiber is sourced from third-party-certified suppliers such as the Forest Stewardship Council.

Net sales from environmentally innovative products

Approximately 13 percent of our net sales in 2011 came from environmentally innovative products.

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