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Our products are used in more than 175 countries

An Overview of Our Business

Kimberly-Clark is a global company focused on leading the world in providing essentials for a better life.

Our products—marketed under such brands as Kleenex, Scott, Andrex, Huggies, Pull-Ups, Kotex, Poise and Depend—are used by approximately a quarter of the world’s population every day in more than 175 countries.

More information on our products and businesses can be found on our website,

At the end of 2011, the company had approximately 57,000 full-time employees and manufacturing facilities in 36 countries. Our global headquarters are in Dallas, Texas. Kimberly-Clark is a publicly traded company listed on the New York Stock Exchange (symbol: KMB). Sales in 2011 were $20.8 billion.

Kimberly-Clark has four global businesses:

Personal Care

Diapers, training/youth/swim pants, feminine care, incontinence care, infant and child wipes
2011 sales: $9.1 billion

Consumer Tissue

Facial tissue, bathroom tissue, paper towels
2011 sales: $6.8 billion

Kimberly-Clark Professional

Disposable health & hygiene products for away-from-home use, including facial tissue, bathroom tissue, paper towels, wipers, protective/absorbent products for do-it-yourself use, safety products and nonwovens
2011 sales: $3.3 billion

Kimberly-Clark Health Care

Surgical drapes and gowns, infection-control products, face masks, exam gloves, respiratory products, pain management and other disposable medical products
2011 sales: $1.6 billion

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Workplace fatalities

While we had zero fatalities in both 2010 and 2011, unfortunately there was a recent death at a Kimberly-Clark de Mexico facility in 2012.

Fiber from certified suppliers

Nearly 100 percent of our fiber is sourced from third-party-certified suppliers such as the Forest Stewardship Council.

Net sales from environmentally innovative products

Approximately 13 percent of our net sales in 2011 came from environmentally innovative products.

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