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Our People Philosophy promotes a dynamic career experience for all employees

Our Valued Workforce

Our employees' passion, ideas and experience are the reason we are a leader around the world.

Our People Philosophy describes how we unleash the power of our people, how we support our employees and what we expect of one another. We have a clear vision of the performance-driven company we are creating and are excited about the roadmap of initiatives that is helping us get there.

Our People Philosophy provides the programs, tools and resources to promote a dynamic career experience for all of our global employees.

Full-time Employees by Region—Detail
North America 14,889
% 26%
Latin America 20,351
% 36%
Europe, Middle East and Africa 8,222
% 14%
Asia-Pacific 13,789
% 24%
Total 57,251
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Workplace fatalities

While we had zero fatalities in both 2010 and 2011, unfortunately there was a recent death at a Kimberly-Clark de Mexico facility in 2012.

Socially focused programs in all K-C communities

We are active in 62 percent of communities in which we have facilities.

Participation by key suppliers in
K-C's program to implement social compliance standards

We have communicated to all key suppliers, and are rolling out the standards to our remaining suppliers in a phased approach.

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